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San Diego Startups: Xpenser


Xpenser provides an easy way to track your business expenses.  Designed to work within your normal workflow, you can email, sms, Tweet, IM, etc., your expenses w/o logging on to their system.  You can even photograph your receipt with your iphone and send it off to Xpenser the way you see fit.  Cool.   Xpenser is run by Parand Darugar and is currently bootstrapped.

San Diego Startups — MojoPages


MojoPages does meta recommendations.  In other words, they analyze all the recommendations of local stores and recommend the best recommendations.  Mix in some gaming mechanics and cash-back dynamics and you have a competitive take on the crowded and complicated local search market.  Crunchbase’s founder and leader is Jon Carder and is backed financially by Austin Ventures.

CrunchBase Entry

San Diego Startups — OpenCandy

UPDATE: OpenCandy has changed their name to SweetLabs.


OpenCandy [one of two products offered by SweetLabs] inserts recommendations for other software into software installation routines.  This isn’t just an ad network for software developers, but a community generated recommendation engine.  Run by Chester Ng and Darrius Thompson, OpenCandy is backed by Google, among others, including local investor Jordan Greenhall.


Pokki is a developer platform to build desktop web apps.

CrunchBase entry.

Entrepreneurs: Know Thy Marketing!

I don't know who is more exasperated, entrepreneurs flummoxed by marketers or me, upset that another entrepreneur has been flummoxed by marketers!

People, language is for communication and marketing terms, abused as they are, fall somewhere within the scope of language.  To communicate you need to learn the terms.  To practice marketing or to hire a marketer you need to grasp some basics. Please.

Marketing Help Rule 1.

(<> means "not equal to")

Blogging <> PR <> Brand <> SEO <> Logo <> Advertising <> Tagline <> Messaging <> FaceBook <> Positioning <> Twitter <>Lead Gen <> [Enter mktg term here]

Marketing Help Rule 2.

Trust me, you don't need all the marketing tactics listed in Rule 1.

Marketing Help Rule 3.

The right marketing tactics for you, right now depend on WHO your prospective customers are and WHAT stage your company is in.

Marketing Help Rule 4.

All Marketers have a core competency (or two).  Regardless, (almost) all Marketers will sell (almost) all marketing services.

Marketing Help Rule 5.

You need marketing to grow your business.  And more likely than not, you need or will soon need help marketing.  Admit it.

For a moment, forget everything you know or think you know or have heard about marketing.  Start with a clean slate.

Now imagine you are a new customer of a particular product or service.  You just finished buying.  You are a bit giddy: Read More »

5th Anti-Lean Startup Archetype – We Already Do It

I recently blogged about 4 anti-lean startup archetypes. These are people who, in my opinion, are at first blush, unwilling (or unable) to adopt Eric Ries' lean startup principles, and specifically, Steve Blank's customer development methodologies.

The four are:

  • The renaissance salesperson - He or she can sell a sno-cone to an Eskimo; they don't need no stinkin' customer development.
  • If you build-it, they will come Engineers - Our product rocks, therefore we win.
  • Madison Ave marketers - All we need is some advertising, PR, branding -- mix in a little social media marketing, and you're good to go!
  • The "you don't get it" entrepreneur - If you don't see the billion dollar win the CEO sees, you simply lack the vision.  See?

I think I've met one of each in the last week. Read More »