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WordPress: Using a different sidebar for static pages

And now for something completely different. Lessee if I can earn some techy bone fides.

Like many blogs, my sidebar is filled with blog-related functionality, e.g., search box, RSS, feed, blog navigational tools, etc., that isn't particularly relevant to my static pages. So I wanted to use a different sidebar for the static pages.   If you look at my sidebar on this page, it includes typical blog sidebar stuff.  But if you go to the  "Marketing Help" page, you'll see a completely different sidebar!

Easy enough, I suppose, for WordPress experts and easy enough to ascertain, for the technically-gifted. It took me a little while, however, to navigate through the steps and so I thought I would share. Again, I am no expert, so I can't say for sure I've done it the best way or the "right" way, but it works for me and I think these steps are pretty easy. This assumes, by the way, that you are hosting WordPress yourself. These instructions might also vary by WordPress version and by theme.

So here goes:
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