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Market By Numbers

San Diego Startups — Oceanhouse Media

Oceanhouse Media

Oceanhouse Media develops mobile apps that “uplift, educate and inspire”, primarily through licensing popular children’s content providers, such as Dr. Seuss, Chronicle Books and the Hay House. Oceanhouse Media was founded by Michel Kripalani, a veteran of the video gaming industry, and is privately funded.

Crossing the Lean Startup Chasm

As an early believer in Lean Startup movement, I can perhaps be excused for my unbridled enthusiasm for the release of Eric Ries’ new book, The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses. Not however, for the reasons you might expect.

In fact, some early adopters of Lean Startups — those who have already bought into the framework to the extent that they’ve applied its practices into their high tech startup — might be a tad disappointed. They might have to look a little deeper; there’s no vanity steps to success herein.

8 Easy Steps to Get Started on Twitter

8 Easy Steps to Get Started on Twitter

Even since I began tweeting — as a non-early adopter in early 2009, btw — I’ve wanted to create a 10 steps blog post for something, because, well, because that’s what you’re supposed to when you blog, right? So when my Twitter dashboard became a (brief) topic of conversation at the San Diego Tech Coffee meetup last week , an opportunity arose: a 10 steps post on Twitter? Damn, that’s social media gold right there. And I’m after nothing, if not social media gold!

So I came up with 8 steps, which is 2 whole steps easier than 10!

But seriously, people. I love Twitter, use it daily, and there is simply no doubt that I have benefited from using it. Depending on your business, not only might you benefit, too, but it might be required practice for you to be successful.

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San Diego Startups — FashioningChange


FashioningChange Fashioning Change is a shopping experience that gives you stylish eco-friendly and ethical alternatives to popular name brands lacking social responsibility practices. Shoppers enter the name brand they like and FashioningChange gives you eco-friendly alternatives based on style and price point. FashioningChange was founded by Adriana Herrera and is a Founder’s Institute graduate.

San Diego Startups — Flaretag


Flaretag has developed a mobile marketing platform that helps businesses and individuals promote their products and better engage with customers using mobile phones. Their tools allow you to connect web content to the world around you via QR codes, SMS and email.  Flaretag is a Founder Institute graduate and was founded by Daniel Arroyo and Jose Granado.  Flaretag is currently self-funded.

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